Cycle to work day 2019

Cycle to work day was last Thursday...and I duly cycled to work and back again. As I do most days. My workplace activities require mental workouts on a daily basis. However, except on the days when I clear the diary and make it into the lab, the physical side of a work day is sitting on a chair in front of a couple of screens. So cycling in and home again allows me to balance daily mental and physical exertion a little better. Last year and again this year I tried to get the campus involved in cycling to work.
Our campus is in a rural location with very few public transport links. Most people must drive or take the University shuttle from the main city campus. So, I feel very fortunate to have found a relatively low traffic route from door to door. The scenery along the way is of the English countryside, horses in fields, cattle and sheep out grazing, very lovely. In the winter months it is often very dark with unlit roads making the experience meditative in a very different way.